Sunday, July 29, 2012

Another World

This particular dream is from a few years ago. It is what I would consider to be a guided experience. In these cases, the level of awareness is more than that of a typical dream, but not as clear as in a full blown lucid dream or out-of-body experience. It has stuck with me and my memory of the experience is very clear. 

I suddenly found myself in a strange world. I had the immediate thought that I was there to see that world. The beings were somewhat human like, but had slightly different features. They very closely resembled the characters in the movie Avatar. I began wondering around the area that I was in. It was a very clear and clean environment. There were various organic shaped buildings that blended nicely into the landscape. The majority of the structures faced the ocean. It was clear that the ocean and beach were an integral part of the culture. There was a sense of respect for the ocean similar to what many Native Americans have displayed toward the earth. 

The water seemed more viscous that one might normally see. The waves rose extremely high (30ft at times). These large waves were no more than 30ft from the shoreline, but they always settled gently before hitting the shore. 

At one point, there was a sense of some daily ritual approaching. The people were making the various, routine arrangements. I realized that this ritual had to do with the rising of the tide. I quickly noticed that I was walking in a dry channel that would soon be full of water. Others in the channel were exiting for higher ground. There was no sense of rush or hurry; It was just a daily routine. I, on the other hand was slightly rushed to find a way out. As I was making my way out, one of the people/beings spotted me from the upper edge of the channel. He was a younger male (comparable to a 21 year old man perhaps). He somehow knew that I was an outsider. I did not get the impression that he was any type of security or police, but more like a rebel with strong opinions about outsiders. He was saying something along the lines of, “you are not welcome! You cannot be here!” etc. I tried to show him that I meant no harm and wasn't even sure where I was or why I was there. He did not budge and eventually shot some sort of dart at me. It missed and stuck in the sand near my foot. As I bent down to pick it up, he jumped from the ledge onto my back. He started trying to get the dart from me. As we were struggling for the dart, I noticed some drips of blood on my hand. Apparently the dart had stuck him in one of his fingers. He slumped to his knees in the sand. I got away and started backing down the channel. I wondered what the dart was... poison? Would he die? I looked back at him; he seemed hazy and blurry now. I could tell that the water was coming and I had to leave the channel. I was concerned for him, but at the same time, there was a sense that no harm was actually done. 

I made my way out of the channel and back to where the people were. Most of the people were sitting in various locations looking out toward the ocean - similar to how people might gather to watch the sunset at the beach. They were not watching a sunset though. Swimming in the giant waves and throughout the water were 100's of dolphins. At times they looked like dolphins, sometimes like whales, and other times like sharks. The more I tried to focus on the details of one of the animals the more it was apt to change. At one point, as I tried to make out the details of one of the animals, it turned into a giant inflatable Shamu toy. At that point, I had the thought that I was goofing up the interpretation of what the animals actually were. I noticed an older man/being sitting on a small sandy hill. It was clear that he was enjoying the event and that he had seen it many times in his life. I sat next to him and watched with him. I remembered being amazed by both the size of the waves and the motion of the animals swimming through the thick, blue water. I wanted to know what the animals were called. In an attempt to remain inconspicuous, I asked the man, "what are they called again?" He responded politely with a name that I did not recognize (and can't remember). 

Later in the experience I was inside of a large room. It seemed to be some sort of lobby for a dining or gathering area. Apparently, I was too early. A security guard approached me asking me who I was and why I was there. He was not threatening, but very intent on finding out who I was. I tried to play it off to some degree while still maintaining honesty. "I'm very confused, I'm not sure why I am here or what is going on". Several people came over by us. They seemed to understand how to help me. They took me to a courtyard outside of the lobby (none of the buildings had any doors or windows. They were all very organic looking and open to the outside). They said something along the lines of, "you need something to eat." They stood me in front of what looked like a honeysuckle bush. Unsure of what to do, I stood there for a moment. Then I noticed a little girl standing at a nearby bush. She started going from flower to flower sucking on them. I looked at the people as if to say, "I should do that?" They nodded. I sucked on one of the flowers. Out came a small bit of a sweet tasting juice (similar to honey). I sampled several different flowers. I was getting very excited to try more, but realized that I did not want to be rude and take more than I needed. 

The experience ended and I found myself back in bed, waking up.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Getting to Know Myself

I have been focusing a bit more on utilizing phasing techniques during meditation to explore consciousness. The results have been interesting. 

Consciousness Exploration Journal

I intentionally woke up at 5:30am to attempt to do some exploring. I read for a bit and then began meditating at 6:15am. I slipped into a typical dream until around 7:30am.  After waking, I again began to meditate with the hopes of utilizing a phasing technique. I slipped into a deep meditative state easily since my body was already very relaxed. I lost awareness of my physical senses and began to get the typical sensations related to sleep paralysis. Though I was fully aware, my thought process was a bit sluggish and it took some effort to remember what my plan was. After a few moments, I recalled that I had simply wanted to experiment with that state. I began to use the “noticing” technique. This approach involves getting into a deep meditative state (point consciousness, focus 12, etc) and then gently noticing anything that begins to occur (without being attached to it). It is to be a calm and objective observer of the experience. After a short time, I began to feel vibrations and to hear various sounds. Eventually however, I “clicked out” or fell asleep.  

At some point later, I became fully aware and present. I found myself flying low over a street. I was traveling very fast - too fast to take in any details of my surroundings. I got the impression that I was being led to something. I understood that I could stop the process at any time, but otherwise, I should just let things unfold. I passed over a beach and continued out over the ocean. I briefly started to travel in the water, but I did not like the darkness very much, and so came back out. I began flying straight up. The sky was covered with storm clouds. In the clouds, I could see a round pattern of lights. My first thought was that it looked like a UFO. I wondered if I was being led to the lights, which at first had me feeling a bit uneasy. I decided to let go of any fear and just allow the experience to unfold. I zoomed past the location of the lights and was pulled up until the clouds were no longer visible and I was surrounded by a thick darkness. I had the sensation of being very far away - comparable to floating in outer space. What happened next is too foggy to recall.

Later, I became slightly aware of my body laying in bed and could hear my wife getting ready in the bathroom. As I picked up on these morning noises, my body was violently vibrating and I could hear what sounded like a voice trying to get through a radio with poor reception. I mentally sent out a “hello?” To my surprise, I immediately heard a reply back, “hello.” There was so much input going on that I found it difficult to focus on the voice. I was taking in the input from the actual room that I was in - complete with the sounds of my wife getting ready and my dog’s nails tapping along the wood floor. At the same time, I was experiencing intense vibrations. There was an almost unbearable buzzing and shrieking sound coming through with the voice. The more I focused on one element, the more intense that element seemed to become. 

The voice continued to come through, though it was very difficult to make out. However, at one point it came through very clearly. I got the impression that this one thing was important for me to remember. Like many other experiences, the information came through in a chunk - yet at the same time, there was an actual voice. It is not easy to describe. The information that came through was something very close to this: “Get to know your true self.”  

I tried to focus on the voice more, but the experience eventually faded. I have an idea of where to explore next - my “true self.”