Sunday, December 9, 2012

What's on TV?

Consciousness Exploration Journal

I woke up at 6am and settled into meditation around 6:15. I tried to let my thoughts and impressions flow organically. I saw an image of a white room. In the corner of the room was a white couch. The idea came to me that I was in a library and could choose any book. I had the thought that I would just need to push my finger on an invisible button on the wall and a data file (a book-sized hard-drive device) would come out. I was not out of body at this point but catching glimpses of images and impression (something similar to remote viewing). So, while I had flashes of feeling like I was there, it certainly was not a full blown OBE or lucid dream. I had the idea that I could just insert the hard drive anywhere into the wall of the room to experience the data. I wasn’t sure what “data” I wanted to explore, so I just opted for a random event from my childhood. I visualized myself inserting the hard drive into the wall. I waited a bit, but no impressions or thoughts came. Eventually, I had the notion that I should sink deeper into meditation and just notice whatever came along. I wasn’t seeming to have much luck, so I sent out an intent to receive some guidance. I got back (or invented) that I should just go to sleep and let “them” do the work. 

I woke up a short time later to sleep paralysis. I heard a voice saying, “heeeelp meeee.” At first I thought that I should see who needed help, but then realized that I was likely hearing my own thoughts. There was a very loud ringing and various other strange sensations. I just pressed on with courage. I sent out an intent to receive help or guidance. I eventually shifted back to being fully focused in physical reality, but was able to easily slip back into sleep paralysis. I began to ever so gently think about being “out of body.” I had the vague impression (sensation?) that somebody reached down with their arm to help me up. Once “out,” I found myself in my bedroom. I walked (floated) through the bathroom. Things were foggy at first, but I mentally encouraged the scene to become more clear. Wanting to keep things stable, I began rubbing my hands together (a trick that I have read or heard about somewhere along the lines).  

As I went through the bathroom, I  caught a quick glimpse of myself in the mirror. I had the general shape of a humanoid, but was composed of a shadowy blackness and had no specific features. I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts, which seemed strange to me. I didn’t want to stop and spend too much time on it, so I continued out into the living room. I tried to think of something that I could do or observe that might provide some form of verification later. I decided to try and observe what my wife was doing. I could hear her walking around. It was a very distant and muffled sound and I was having trouble pinpointing her location. I called out her name, but still could not find her. I got the impression that she was watching TV. I “thought-jumped” (instantly moved) to the TV. I was very focused on observing it and listening to it. It was an old style TV - the kind that sits on the floor and is incased in wood. I saw a black and white cartoon-like image of sorts, but the details were non-specific. I could hear two of the characters talking back and forth. My impression was that one of them had a sort of fast and squeaky voice. Alvin, from Alvin and the chipmunks, came to mind. I observed the TV for a short time until I felt like I had enough data.  

Later that morning, I found out that my wife had in fact been watching TV. However, her description of what was on the TV did not seem to match what I had seen. My family did have an old TV similar to the one in the experience. I had completely forgotten about the library and my intention to see a childhood memory. Perhaps I was getting a blend of what my wife was doing and the data from my childhood - or maybe it was just all in my head. It is never easy to tell.