Wednesday, October 6, 2010

He'll Leave the Light on for You.

Consciousness Exploration Journal

I was having an extensive dream in which I was part of a large convoy of sorts. It was as if an entire city was picking up and relocating. I was driving on the road with the convoy. Several cement trucks were near me. The road became a bit snowy and icy. I was driving too fast and kept loosing control of the truck. Eventually the road transformed into a sidewalk and I found myself alone and on foot. I continued to walk down the snow covered sidewalk. It grew darker as I went. I became a bit nervous and wanted more light. At that thought, a porch light at a house about 10 feet from me came on. There was a man on the porch of the house. We talked for a bit (though I can't remember about what).

At this point, the man was standing right in front of me. Trying to examine the details of his face made me realize that I was dreaming. I remember pointing my finger at him and saying, "Wait a minute, this is a dream." I felt a change in state coming as if the dream was slipping. "I am dreaming, but I am not going to get too excited. I'm going to stay calm," I stated out loud. I was saying all of this to the man as if I had busted him. Still I sensed a change in state coming. I tried to hold onto the dream, but it continued to slip away from me. The face of the man began to fall apart like a virtual reality suddenly shutting down. I remember the area around one of his eyes falling away like a broken digital sculpture. In the place of his eye was a dark void. Though this did not directly frighten me, I did realize that I should not just stand there and stare at it. At this thought, the man slowly floated around behind me as if he understood my concern. As he was moving out of my line of sight, I remember my intention, "I seek guidance with my evolution." I began to feel the typical buzzing and vibrations and could sense my physical body laying in my bed. During this shift, I saw several clocks with the hands spinning very quickly. I had the thought that as they were spinning, "physical" or "waking life" time was also passing very quickly. Something about 9:00am seemed important, but I was not able to decipher why.

This dream is interesting because it leaves me with a sense that I was being led to experience it. So though I was wagging my finger in victory at not being fooled, it seems likely that it all played out exactly as planned.

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