Friday, October 15, 2010

Tom Campbell - Purpose of life

"What’s the purpose of life? Well, the purpose of existence is to grow up, to become love… get ride of your fear and ego. That’s the purpose. That’s why we’re here and this is our schoolhouse. How do you go about doing that? You do it with your intent. You make choices. You have 1,000 choices to make every day, and particularly I’m talking about the choices you have with interactions with other people. You can make those choices in a way that helps you evolve, moves you toward love, lowers your entropy… increases the value of your information; or you can make choices that can go in the other way… de-evolve, they go the way of fear, go the way of self centeredness, ego. Those things de-evolve you and increase your entropy. So, we get these choices and we get feedback immediately. If we have a fear based life, we generally get kind of unhappy, we’re not too pleased, life is difficult and unpleasant. So that’s the feedback trying to tell you wake up and go the other direction."

-Tom Campbell

Thomas Campbell on Bigfish Blogtalk radio September 29, 2010 with Kerrace Alexander ... r-workings
Above quote is from around 35 minutes into the interview (give or take a few minutes).

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