Friday, March 18, 2011

Welcome to My Dream: The Dream Train Experience.

Consciousness Exploration Journal

I was walking in the hallway of the a hotel. A beautiful girl that was scantily clad in lingerie greeted me and told me to come on down to room 1743. Still trying to figure out what was going on, I started walking with her. As I did, other beautiful women started coming out of the rooms and inviting me in as we passed. They were dressed in the same manner. I realized that the hotel was some sort of brothel. As we arrived at the door to the room, I started thinking... “wait a minute... what the hell am I doing in a brothel?” Then it hit me that I was dreaming. It has been a while since I have had a lucid dream, so it took me by surprise. I literally threw my hands out to the side like I was playing the freeze game. I told the girl, “hang on a minute, I just realized that I’m dreaming.” I did not have a specific intent planned as I normally tend to do and I did not want to lose focus.

So, I gathered my composure and engaged the girl. We walked into the room. My intent at this point was not to be with the girl, but just to see why she was leading me to the room. When we got into the room, Alice (from the Brady bunch) was laying on one of the beds taking a nap. The woman that had led me to the room now looked more like a troubled 18 year old girl. The girl jumped on Alice and gave her a big hug. Alice grumbled a little, but said something like, “hi sweetie”. The girl told Alice to wake up because somebody was here (me). I was feeling very much like an extrovert and was in a fun-loving mood... I started saying, “Alice wake up, I’m dreaming.” The girl supported this, “yea Alice you have to wake up, he's dreaming.” Finally she woke up. I did not waste any time, “So tell me something you two. How does it feel to be in my dream?” (I recently watched Waking Life for the 3rd time). I went on to tell them how I was dreaming. I got a pretty good response compared to past experiences. They seemed very interested in the matter.

There is a little blank spot after that, but it seems that we were all sort of just hanging out on the bed and talking; like a family on vacation. The girl had some cuts on her back that spelled something. I can’t recall what the word was, but it was something like “hate” or a similar word. Alice noticed that I had seen it. “she did that to herself”, Alice told me. The girl explained that she did not remember doing it. I thought about it for a minute and realized that the girl could not have reached that high up on her back. I mentioned it briefly, but then decided to let it go.

I realized suddenly that I had almost forgotten that I was dreaming. I did not want to lose lucidity so I jumped up and reminded Alice and the girl that I was still dreaming. They jumped up like they suddenly remembered as well. I was happy that they were actually acknowledging this. With arms held wide, I exclaimed, “Welcome to my dream!” and gave the girl a hug. I turned to Alice, “Welcome to my dream Alice!” and then gave her a big hug as well. I started dancing around being silly and singing, “welcome .... to my ... dreeeeaam.” Alice and the girl joined in. As we all really got into singing this and dancing around the room, the dream seemed to shift. Suddenly Alice was a very pretty middle aged black woman. The girl was now a 20 something black girl. They both seemed more real somehow. I was singing and dancing around just sort of having fun with it all, “Wow, Alice.... now your a pretty black lady. Oh you too. That’s okay, because this is a dream!” We all laughed and continued to dance around having a great time together. Suddenly, I looked around the room and realized that their were about 8 other people in the room dancing and singing with us. Still dancing and having fun I laughed, “And now, suddenly I’m the only white dude in here!” I got a chuckle from the group. Then I noticed my friend from College in the back. “Oh wait... now Shane is here”. I danced my way over to him and we hit knuckles over the top of people. All the while everybody is still singing the song (which was being sung in a very pleasant way... as an actual song you might hear on the radio) “Welcome.... to my... dreeeeaam.”

After a while, somebody shouted out, “Dream train!” and we formed a dancing train. What a great idea I thought, “Yea, let’s go get everybody!” We headed out the door, still singing and laughing. We headed through the lobby. As we made our way through, I started recruiting people. “Sir!” I yelled to the man on the couch, “I would like to personally welcome you to my dream. Join us!” He tilted his head down and looked at me over his glasses as if to say, “Yea right”. I jumped off the dream train and stood in the middle of the lobby and jumped up in the air and began to float. “You see, this is a dream! Come join the dream train!” Most people in the lobby seemed unimpressed, but a few joined in.

It was all a great deal of fun. Though I was acting like Jim Carey might in one of his crazy movies, I still had it in my head to be respectful to the various people that did not want to join the dream train. In the parking lot, there was a heavy metal band playing none other than, “Welcome to my dream.” Again I started to float around and convince the ones outside to join in. Most just ignored me, but a few joined in. We made our way out to the parking lot... still singing and carrying on. One of the members of the heavy metal band ran up to hand me a microphone to say something. He looked like he was straight out of a Mad Max movie. He was covered in tattoos and was dressed like he had just come from a future apocalypse. He went to hand me the microphone, but had knife blades sticking out of his hand (like Wolverine the comic book character). He was holding a butter knife and a can opener. I laughed and said, “You are going to have to tell me which of those is the microphone.” He handed me the butter knife. I turned around to say something to the fun-loving dream train, but when I did... the train had dispersed. There were a few still mingling about and the song was now playing quietly over a cheap intercom. The party was over. I started to try to do something a little more productive, but slowly began waking up.

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