Thursday, January 10, 2013

Field Trip

Consciousness Exploration Journal

I suddenly became lucid in a dream. I was flying over the land below. My son was to my right holding my hand. We flew near some sort of underground tunnel. My son was drifting toward it as if he wanted to fly through it. I had the impression that the tunnel was not a good choice, so I pulled him in close and we flew past the tunnel. It was truly a great time to fly with my son. We eventually approached a beach. The sensations of the cool air and the vividness of the crashing waves were exhilarating. I could sense my son's excitement as well. At one point, we noticed what looked like walruses swimming through the water. There were four or so swimming from a small island to the shore. We observed the scene for some time from the air. Eventually the experience ended.

The next morning, I asked my son if he remembered any of his dreams from the night before. He was not able to recall any.  

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