Sunday, February 5, 2012

Morning OBE

Consciousness Exploration Journal

I woke up at 6am to let the dog out. I laid in bed until 7am trying to go back to sleep. I set my intent to have a lucid dream/ OBE. I slowly drifted off and became aware in sleep paralysis. The typical sensations were present. At first, I heard a male’s voice saying something in my ear. I also heard the growling voice again. I didn’t fall for it this time though. I sat up out of my body, but could not seem to fully detach. I gave up and settled back into sleep paralysis. The sensations were slightly more intense this time. I resolved to stay with it no matter what. I set my intent to see or converse with the lady from the kitchen experience. I began to hear what sounded like a faint female voice. I had the impression that somebody was holding me and singing or humming to me (like a mother would hold a baby). For some reason, I began to get an intense dull pain in my lower back. I tried to ignore it and continued to focus on trying to converse with the woman again. As usual, it was completely dark as if my eyes were shut. This has never made any sense to me - why it is always completely dark. I normally have both auditory and tactile sensations, but never any visual. I realized that I was intentionally closing my eyes to avoid causing myself to wake up. It struck me that I should try to visualize something to kick in my “astral” vision. I started trying to picture a blender (random, I know). It worked. For a few seconds I found myself standing in a room. At the same time, I had started to open up my physical eyes and could see a blurry vision of the bedroom ceiling. I closed them and tried the visualization trick again. I gently tried to visualize the mystery room again. It worked. Suddenly, I was standing in my bathroom (astral bathroom). Everything was crystal clear. I was quite excited and ran around the house in celebration. When I came into the living room, I saw a mirror (one that is not normally there). I stopped running and stood in front of it. In it was a clear reflection of myself. I celebrated briefly at being in such a clear experience. I gathered myself, and thought about what task or test I wanted to perform. The first thing that came to my mind was that I should send some love and happiness to my wife and kids. Then, I realized that I should go to each of the rooms and do it in person. I went to my daughter’s room first. She was lying at the bottom of the bed and partly hanging off. I slid her up so that she was fully on the bed again. She slightly opened her eyes and acknowledged me with a smile. I started wondering if she might be dreaming about me at that moment, or maybe just thinking of me. I thought about this for sometime. The experience began to fade and I woke up and wrote it down. 

It would appear that I passed the growling fear test this time. I regret not spending some time at the mirror. The fact that it was aimed so that I would run into it makes me wonder if there was some relevance or importance to it. 

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