Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Do Your Best

Consciousness Exploration Journal

I was experiencing a very long and stable lucid dream/out-of-body experience. Curious, I went along with the subject matter of the setting for some time, but then decided to break from it. I began asking every person that I came across if they had a message for me. I had thought about carrying out this specific task for some time in the weeks prior. It was in part a test to see what types of responses I would get. However, at that core it was a serious question for which I truly wanted an answer. I asked 7 or 8 people and received only blank stares or confused responses.

Later in the dream, I found myself at a kitchen bar with a few other people. I turned to an older woman sitting near me and asked, “Is there a message for me?” She balked at first, but then seemed to realized my seriousness in asking this. She looked at me very intently and without saying anything, somehow sent me a message. It was as though I had to filter the information and translate the information into my own words. The message was something very close to this: "Do your best to be good (to make good choices) and the system will be good to you (will help you along)". Though she did not say it herself, the message came though very well and it was clearly from her. I repeated it back several times to ensure that I had it correctly.

Then she expressed something else that I couldn't quite understand. It came through as "defend your indulgences" and then as "protect your indulgences". I tried and tried to understand, but just couldn't get it. I can't make any clear sense of it now either. I did try to work through it with the woman by using the flat grill as an example. I’m not sure why or how it came to me at the time, but in an attempt to understand this second part of the message, I picked up a fork and laid it on the grill. The fork was wet and so it sizzled and hissed across the grill. I said something along the lines of: "Is it similar to if I drop this fork on the grill and decide not to do anything about it; then you pick it up and get burned... or even if you don't get burned. The idea is that I should still do something about it because there is the potential that you could get burned?" At that moment, off to the side, a man exclaimed, "YES!" while clapping his hands excitedly. However, the woman gave me a very patient look that said, that is very good, but not what I am telling you. Concerned that I would forget the first part of the message, I repeated it back several more times and explained to her that I should wake up and write it down so I would not forget. I got up from the chair and jokingly said, "If I only knew how to wake up". The thought came to me to lay down on the floor. At that, I slowly began floating down to the floor. As I did, I looked back up at the woman. I could now see the man who had exclaimed “yes” during the conversation. The woman now had a bit of a glow around her. She gave me a gentle smile as I reached the floor and vanished form the scene.

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