Saturday, April 16, 2011

Above The Clouds

Consciousness Exploration Journal
April 4th, 2011

I woke up at 1am because one of our dogs was barking. The first OBE happened shortly after this. After a series of false awakenings, I woke up to some vibrations. I used the “brain strain” technique to encourage the vibration. I sat up after a few attempts and tried to fly up through the ceiling. I tried several times but could not get through. I stood on the bed and leaned against the wall to try and gather myself. While I was standing there, I began to hear a noise in the hallway. The noise got closer and closer to the bedroom. I focused on the noise and realized that it was our cat coming down the hall. Suddenly, I felt something on my chest. This jolted me back to my body and caused me to wake up. Our cat had jumped up into our bed and onto my chest.

Later in the night, I was in what seemed to be a dream. However, I do vaguely remember exiting my body sometime before the dream. I was on a very pretty street or on a wide path in some type of park. The scenery was full of green grass and lush trees. It was very vivid and beautiful. I quickly realized that I was dreaming. I jumped up into the air and began flying through the beautiful trees. I put my arms at my side and made my body straight like an arrow. I began flying through the air very fast. I focused my intent on shooting through the air to a bundle of branches in the distance. It was exhilarating to fly that fast and seemed to be a productive way to relieve some tension. I was pleased that my focus worked and that I was able to fly straight to the bundle of branches. At some point I decided to fly up and into the clouds. Sometime around this point I asked to go to the "black void" that I have experienced in the past. I kept making my way up, far above the clouds. I was looking down at the clouds in total amazement as they drifted underneath me. The sky above me was getting darker as if I was at the edge of the earth’s atmosphere. I wanted to see the earth from a distance, so I continued on my way. Eventually, the earth was nothing more than a distant ball. I felt like I had gone far enough for this trip and decided to go back. Instantly, I was back in my bed.

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